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    I think it is More Cause they released it on a sunday and honestly Fairness to Nitrado what Company doesnt Operate a skeleton Crew on sundays

    Joking aside I'm sure it is nothing to do with staffing. Nitrado offer a 24 hour a day 365 days a year product so staffing up for events announced ahead of time should be well within their wheelhouse.

    I have no idea what the problem is and Im sure they wont tell us in a transparent way but it is just damnably frustrating.

    This is what happens when a big game releases a DLC on a sunday evening and the only guy looking after the datacenter is the youth training scheme chap who expected a 'quiet one' and was 4 beers into his shift and ready for a nap when all hell broke loose.

    My game is updated. When am I able to change my server to Fjordor on Nitrado? For ps4.

    What he meant to say is....

    Dear paying customer, thank you for your query. Look we are really sorry it is taking an inordinate amount of time to roll this DLC out and we recognise we are much slower than many of our competitors. However we hope you can be patient and value the overall service we provide.

    rather than... asked and answered, stop pestering us

    From the Game Devs a few min ago and this is client ONLY-


    — Today at 11:25 AM

    We are working on bringing the Fjordur servers up on Xbox. Shouldn't be long - stay posted and thanks for your patience."

    But this isn't an 'update' like a patch. It is a DLC. (I acknowledge the rechnical similarity i am referencing it in the sense of players just view patches and DLCs differently)

    that being said it is not unreasonable for paying customers to be given clear guidance on when the files will be seeded so we can simply select the new map on our dashboards and hit launch. I know it isn't your fault as moderators but you do represent the company that is taking our cash from us. So maybe the answer 'please stop asking and just take what we given you when you get it' isn't the most diplomatic.