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    If you want to access the log without using our webinterface I'd recommend using our API. The whitelisted files are accessible through the fileserver:

    Drakexz, is there any chance you could message the team again making it clear that the file is still not accessible via the API they recommended me use.

    Is it whitelisted only for nitrado official apps? if so is there anything to be done to change this..? id just like to know so i can stop wasting time trying to get it to work.


    Sorry to re-bump the thread but after going back to the project I am working on this feature would make a huge difference. I feel I may not have explained the problem effectively and afraid this has just been squashed.

    Let me explain the situation.

    I want access to ShooterGame.log files via NitrAPI. (ark survival evolved game server)

    These files are bookmarked when checking against the bookmark api endpoint. But when attempting to download the server responds with ‘file doesn’t exist?’

    These files are also freely accessible through the nitrado mobile app under Log Files.

    My app is also using oauth2 and NitrAPI. So Unless the nitrado app is using a private endpoint I must be able to access these files too, right? I just need to know what it is.

    To be clear I do not want FTP access, only these files which should be available via NitrAPI

    I understand that Sony & Microsoft restrict access to certain files. But surely if we are able to view this file via the dashboard then we should be able to access this via FTP.

    Would be great if this was implemented. Would open up alot of opportunity for developers.