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    Hi all and welcome for the last 4 days i have had nothing but problems with my Outlaws of the old west server.....
    so i am here today with a fix for anyone having the same problems as i was.

    Ok to start off i rented a OoToW server from Nitrado with me being in the UK i rented a UK Based server after 4 days of not being able to get on the server i put a ticket in and this is what happen. I found out that Nitrado don't host servers in the UK for OoTow so for me i had to change the location of the server to Frankfurt Germany as it had the best latency for me (SO REMINDER DON'T RENT A SERVER HOSTED IN UK AS NITRADO DONT HAVE ANY YET FOR OoTow).

    Now after sorting all that out and moving my server over to Frankfurt Germany i installed the server all was going well the misses joined the server got in ok and started to play so i joined the server and nothing.... would not let me in it said it was loading but all i cud here was the horse and the camp fire on the main screen looping over and over.

    So this is how i fixed it and it now works for me and for any one you want to join your server.

    Step 1 shut your server down completely.
    Step 2 reinstall your server.
    Step 3 After reinstall your server will automatically start stop it again.
    Step 4 Go to server name. Name your server as you wish.
    Step 5 Set a password on your server (something short as you wont be keeping the password if you want it open)
    Step 6 Save your changes and restart your server.
    Step 7 Launch your game go to play online and type in your server name and wait for it to pop up in the list when it dose enter your password once in the server and your character is created log out and then get your friend to do the same then when they have done that you can remove your password and you and your buddy's can start playing together with out any problems.

    Hope this works for all as it worked for me and my friends Happy hunting folks :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::D:D:D

    Shutdown this server last night. Latest Update this morning for this game. Restarted server this morning, cannot find the server on the server list in the game now. Never had this issue before. I've submitted support ticket but no response and that was an hour ago. Anyone know what to do? I've tried restarting a few times, stopping completely and starting again. Do I need to do a complete reinstall? Any help or ideas would be helpful?

    I do not have this connected to steam, is that the issue?

    Hi that is not your problem we are all having the same issue i bought my server last night and i haven't had chance to play on the darn thing did put a post up to let them know and that i hope who ever it affected would receive some sort of compensation for not having access to something they are paying for but my post magically vanished witch am not to happy about as we are paying for a serves and have had no replay from any one with any answers one guy put a ticket in 4 days ago and still no reply.

    I am having the same problem i hope that Nitrado will be reimbursing its members as they have paid for somthing they cant use i have a support ticket in and have had no reply what so ever hope this will get fixed and we get compensated for none use of services over the period of time its been off.

    Hi i may have posted this in the wrong place but i bought a server from you guys last night for outlaws of the old west i cant seem to fined the server within the game its self i have try everything i know and still cant find the server please can i get some help thanks for your time.