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    I haven't been able to play and the support isn't responding my ticket, both for 3 days now, and my server keeps restarting and crashing... There's something about crashstacks on the logs, which I told them in my ticket...
    I noticed that a lot of brazilians are having the same issue, what made me wonder if it's something specific about the south America server. Let me know if your server is broken and you're not on south America.
    Maybe it's about the new map, I've been playing Ragnarok for more than 1 month and everything was fine, then a few days after changing to Fjordur, it broke. I don't know, just wondering.
    The question is: is there any update about what's happening ?
    Is there any official pronouncement ?
    I wish they could fix it for everyone, instead of solving (I think they are) each specific case through tickets...

    So, I got an ARK server with a variant of Classic Flyers mod, which is "Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition", that makes all dinos spawn in a older way, which means I can't breed Wyverns, because they spawn on old variants, however, I can't remove that mod, because doing so, (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) will remove all tamed flyers.
    I tried adding this on Custom Game ini Settings, but didn't work

    [Dino Colors Plus - Unnerfed Flyers Edition]

    is there a solution to make those Wyverns breedable being classic variants ?
    or, a config to the mod to make at least updated Wyverns/Eggs to spawn
    maybe I writed the line wrongly, I don't know

    Yesterday (06/22) everything was ok with my server, but today (07/22) I had to update the mod CE:Races, and after that, when I logged in, I noticed that the Per Level Stats Multiplier weren't working, but only for players, they're applying to tamed dinos.
    Expert Mode is disabled, and I'm wishing for a fix without having to enable it, mainly because I don't know how it works, thanks.