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    You mean gameusersettings.ini? Unfortunately I tried that, placed it on the end of serversettings part and after restart everything on the server was wiped clean, all tamed dinos, buildings or players, after restoring last backup everything was ok even with that setting still in there, though still that was not working at all.. Well at least its only QoL setting for me so its not necessary.

    Hello and thanks for reply, though I made a mistake in title, I indeed wanted to use ClampItemStats not stacks for which I use Override already. Though with stats clamping I already set item stat clamping values in game.ini but that is not enough as it is also needed to set parameter ClampItemStats to true but I have no way to do so.

    Hello, is there any way to set Item stats clamping like at official servers? I already set stat clamps values in game.ini but according Ark wiki, it is also needed to set ClampItemStats argument in command line to true, but can't find it in settings. So, is it possible to add custom command line arguments on server? Thanks