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    Dashboard> tools > filebrower > open first folder on top > click " Serverconfig.mxl" > search and edit value

    <property name="GameWorld" value="RWG"/> <---- should be like that

    <property name="WorldGenSeed" value="zoombie"/> <---- your seednam, this will generate your map, in my case zoombie is the seed name which determines how my map will look

    <property name="WorldGenSize" value="8192"/> <-- double the normal standard size, i would not go bigger then that, 4096 is good enough for 2 players, 8192 will be better for more then 3-4 or more players, i would not recommend to go higher then that, keep in mind the downloading world will take longer with larger values.

    Hi alll yes the EASY setup page does not reflect the actual serverconfig.xml. the number is not correct what the easy setup writes into the config, it is indeed drop everything in the easy setup to actually drop nothing.

    also if you want a RWG there is no option on the easy setup page to put in your seed name, you have to go to file manager and edit the config xml and repace the seedname there

    Hi all, sorry for late response what "IIBOYCEYII" said seems about right, it takes a long F**** time to actually show up, but hey cheap prize to rent, most other server providers might be more advanced and quicker, but also more expensive. I mean once a nitrado server runs, it runs good and does what it must do, just creating a new game world especially 8192 size maps will take awhile, i figured, set it up today check back tomorrow :)