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    It seems like my map exploration and bookmarks are wiped out everytime i log off.

    This used to happen once in a while when i used to move back and forth between servers. But now, i'm on a Valguero server that i own and it happens whenever i log back in.

    I've read multiple forums about this problem and noticed it is a well known issue since a few years. Is there any way to at least temporary fix this?

    I'm worried if this is due to our previous dxp event and if it's safe to manually remove all duplicates or if there's a faster way to do it.

    Also, this is now in my game.ini file even though i took the event down from the general settings. Am i supposed to erase it too in expert settings?;





    Can't get to have max stack sizes above 30 for both raw and cooked prime fish meat. I tried using 500 and 600 but both led to a maximum of 30. Any advice?



    I have multiple MaxItemQuantity command lines already working but for some reasons, ALL the ones i tried to add this week aren't working.

    I tried to wait 5mins before saving/applying changes after the server has been put offline. I rebooted the server and restarted it a few times. Even though my command lines remain in my Game.ini files every time i come back in my expert settings, they aren't working in-gane. And considering all my community loses their bones/pumpkins and such when i shutdown or restart the server, this is pretty annoying.

    These are all the new ones i added this week and that aren't working;














    Issue; New comers on my server can loot troughs, refrigerators, storage boxes that aren't surrounded by walls and behind closed doors.

    I have a PvE server and I'd like to have it so strangers (non-tribe players) can't loot my things like on PvE dedicated servers.

    How can i do that?

    So far, only my doors are locked by default for strangers.

    Well, thanks for the help guys. I finally found my way around things. What i did was going back to regular mode to implement a change then it showed up on the expert settings and for some reason, it would let me edit from that new line of commands. It's really tricky and some commands get lost in the process sometimes but now i'm pretty much happy with my server.

    Considering Support people aren't necessary experienced Ark players or comfortable with commands. I would like my issue to be addressed as untouched. There's definitively a way to address this; i know for a fact the regular options had some of the commands i'm trying to implant.

    You may want to type up what you are trying to accomplish to the Community to respond. And be specific why you think is not working.

    I want Thirst(water) and Hunger(food) to be almost non-existent, i want to get thirsty or hungry every like 40mins instead of every 10mins (let's say 4 to 10 times less than it supposed to)

    I want longer day time and shorter nights (100x longer day time and 100x faster nights) and/or the time to be stopped.

    I want resource nodes to last longer(2 to 3 times longer than usual) and yield as much or twice as much resources per hit.

    I believe none of these commands work because me and my players tried after i nerfed them and later boosted them and either seemed to have affected the game.