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    on the xbox, when you wanted to see your, every five minute, streaming player data on the XXXX.ADM tab, and there were like 3 of them mixed with .RPT tabs, i read your very confusing instructions on the wiki and it says that if i tick so and so boxes i will get the xxxxxx.ADM reports. bur i don't. i dn't even have those tabs anymore, i just died, have no idea where i was and because of this lose everything. thanks nitrado.

    so where is this data that's so easily available on xbox servers?

    cuz i don't have it.

    are they saved somewhere? where?


    sorry, so some validators like xmlvalidator will throw errors for comments, which makes it hard to q/a. so i use for a better output -- at least for the 1.18...

    for example, there were comments that looked like this:

    1. <!-- ------------------------------------- ARMY ZOMBIES ----------------------------------- -->

    and the validator errors out for it. hope that was clear...

    or i just removed the superfluous dashes.

    I've recently just purchased a Dayz server and have watched several tutorials on how to do some server editing for increased loot, drops, unlimited stamina and such. After editing the files like such, and after several resets and attempts to test them out, nothing is working as it should. I've ran all the .XML files through a validator with no errors (other then the ones that are expected). Looking for some help or an explanation if possible.


    If somebody wanted to take a look at my files too I would be okay with that. I just genuinely don't know what is wrong.

    i would save copies of your xml's as txt so you can upload attachments. that may help. i'm having similar issue with only military zombies not dropping loot, spawning with loot. it's scrambling my brain.

    here are, what i believe/know to be the relevant files necessary for loot on zombies:



    validated. re-read. re-validated. brand new vanilla from bohemia interactive github. zombies STILL NO LOOT (MILITARY)

    IF THERE may be a conflict with another file idk about? AAAHHHHHHH!! ;(||

    had to upload as txt.



    all other z's drop loot so the file is working.

    If someone could share with me their working zombie files that would be DELIGHTFUL!!

    That is how i had it aswell.... i dont like the way its takes forever to turn while sprinting. i like the way it was before the 1.19 update. Thank you anyways:thumbup:

    interesting. i actually have no issues with that. *🤷‍♂️

    good luck with that. :)

    this is what i have and it works for me. when jumping, i don't think one has the same endurance anymore.


    Please attempt the following:

    -Reset all your XML and config files. You can find the latest versions here: GitHub - BohemiaInteractive/DayZ-Central-Economy: DayZ Central Economy configuration

    -Reinstall the game, as it is known, a game wipe is recommended after every update

    that should not have posted the forum is broken? i literally created a new post and it shows up in this guys thread. get ur (*&^ together nitrado

    Partially related to same topic with same suggested resolution. This is why they were merged.

    And if the suggested idea does not work or not your case please feel free to contact Support. Thank you.

    been there done that...

    cfggameplay.json still broken

    ok so the topics were b.

    but like i said, did it, so i opened a support ticket.

    so, re-installed server, did full wipe.

    cannot stack or BUILD ANYWHERE. the values reflect updated values for holograms and collisions, however, behavior in game is wrong. i cannot place a fence on another now. i was before re-install, didn't change anything in my code.

    please fix

    can you give a little more info?

    for example, i have an "itemgoodybag" that spawns, and i have that in the events.xml

    my example:

    this bag is also in cfgspawnabletypes.xml . my example:


    cfgeventspawns.xml with the coordinates;

    make sure the amount of space the items take up is not more than the bag can handle.

    don't forget to validate the xmls. they can get tricky sometimes.

    so, for a while now none of my militarized zmb's have any loot. the files show they're supposed to have loot like all the other zmb's on the server, which have loot on them.

    examples are:

    heli crash site army z's no loot

    mb army z's no loot

    anywhere there is an army or military, not police, cuz they have loot, none will have loot.