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    Hello :)

    We are already investigating the error that you are reporting to us, any update we will let you know

    Thank you very much for your patience and understanding in this matter.

    I hope so, because it is not pleasant to work on a server without access to an administrator menu. Not being able to help the community that plays on the server. I hope you can provide us with a solution soon.thx

    Hello, I tried to give me Admin Priv, i edit the "adminlist.txt" file to put my Steam user ID64, but when I am in the game, I press the console key, enter the "adminauth" command and I get the following message "Authentication failed ! You are awarded -5DKP!". Somebody could help me?.


    Also, I contacted the support service and they only gave me the following link "", which simply explains how to obtain the Steam ID64.

    hello, it's solved. Thanks