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    i know how to do installs but at that point i could host my own server from my own machine... but thanks for info... i was basicaly seeing if it can or even will be added... also last server i tried loading would never load correctly and i have loaded many modpacks on here my self... but my last attempt failed and was told no one could help me so i would like it added iff at all possible...but ill wait and hope its does get added soon

    After waiting almost 1 month to see a modpack added for quick install I notice an even newer modpack has released in the FTB community and was almost immediately added to the quick install list and both of the packs carry similar popularity..... but why you may ask did the other pack get added so quickly..... well because nitrado like all other server company's will do anything for publicity and an either youtube or twitch streamer asked for it to be added in trade of the rest of us customers are forgot about...... well after 2 yrs of renting server from nitrado I'm done...... I wont be returning

    don't remove my comments because you don't like or cant handle negative feedback towards your company.... I have been renting my server from a Nitrado for almost 2 yrs now with great service from team and staff but all of a sudden service sucks..... if this post is deleted I will be moving my business elsewhere and no I am not Bumping my post these things need to be read by customers and staff and fixed.... service needs to be the way it was just 6 months ago... and by this I mean it was like staff and team cared but not now