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    I checked with another host, they also don't understand why Nitrado can't do it. Unfortunately, they didn't want to tell me how to fix the problem. It annoys me that I didn't go directly to another host. I hope Nitrado gets the problem fixed quickly? If not, I go where everything works. After all, it costs money.

    It will be added at a later time, and soon. Will advise as we hear more. Thank you

    and what does later mean? this thing is very important and should be added very quickly. It's not about me wanting to be God on my server, but about keeping the server free of people who are disruptive or who insult or bother other players. As an admin of a server, you have to be able to kick and ban, and if adminauth doesn't work, it's bad.

    Ps: 2 other hosters don't have the problem.