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    Hello there!

    So I was recommended the service after some friends dabbled with an Ark server, and gave it a shot for a Desktop Space Engineer server.

    I'm looking to get some mods installed from the Workshop, and I have absolutely no idea how to make them work! I've seen other Forum posts, the Wikipedia page, and some Reddit for solutions and I'm unfortunately unable to make it work, any input here would be appreciated!

    If I take as an example the Mod - Steam Workshop::Skybox - New #02 ( (ID: 2805195334) I've tried the following:

    1. Adding the ID to the 'Mods ID' field in the settings.

    2. Uploading the local mod folder to both and to through FileZilla

    3. Editing the Sandbox_config.sbc file, adding the following line -


    4. Editing the Sandbox_config.sbc file, adding the following line that followed local file syntax -

    <ModItem FriendlyName="Skybox - New #02">





    From testing around for the last 15 hours, between restart loops, at least in this case #1 does nothing at all (tried with multiple single mods), I'm unsure about #2 because I've only tried it in combination with #1, and #4. #3 does nothing and #4 results in a reboot loop.

    Any help regarding what I'm missing here would be appreciated! I tried sending a ticket but was sent to the Wikipedia page with solution #3. Thanks in advance,