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Dear forum members,
for some time now we have been creating and maintaining new ways to help game server admins with questions and problems as quickly as possible, e.g. our Guides section and the Nitrado Community Discord.

Therefore, we inform you that the Nitrado Forum will be closed on March 31, 2023. We are consolidating our community support to our Discord channel, which is faster and more efficient. We have also seen incredible growth in our community due to the hard work of our moderators and our bots. We are confident that this move will ensure that we provide the best support possible for our users.

Thank you to all members for your continued use of the forum!

Assistance with all questions concerning your Nitrado service can now be found in these spots:
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    I am a new customer and have only just installed this server, it's been happening since the start.

    Yeah looks as though the version installed isn't compatible.

    My second question was referencing this suposed feature of Nitrado: Minecraft - The new Overview Map - faster and more stable than ever! |
    which doesn't appear to be supported anymore as it's not in the tools list.

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/WARN]: Plugin dynmap v2.4-1148 does not specify an api-version.

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [dynmap] Loading dynmap v2.4-1148

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [dynmap] version=git-Spigot-9de398a-9c887d4 (MC: 1.14.4)

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Unable to find method getById for net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.Block

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Unable to find method a for net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.BiomeBase

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Unable to find field temperature for net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.BiomeBase

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Unable to find field humidity for net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.BiomeBase

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Unable to find field y for net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.BiomeBase

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [dynmap] Unload queue not found - default to unload all chunks

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/INFO]: [dynmap] inhabitedTicks field not found - inhabited shader not functional

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: [dynmap] Unable to find method b for net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.WorldBorder

    [14:15:34] [Server thread/ERROR]: Error initializing dynmap - bukkit version incompatible! initializing dynmap v2.4-1148 (Is it up to date?)

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error initializing dynmap - bukkit version incompatible!

    at org.dynmap.bukkit.BukkitVersionHelperGeneric.<init>( ~[?:?]

    at org.dynmap.bukkit.BukkitVersionHelperCB.<init>( ~[?:?]

    at org.dynmap.bukkit.BukkitVersionHelper.getHelper( ~[?:?]

    at org.dynmap.bukkit.DynmapPlugin.onLoad( ~[?:?]

    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_14_R1.CraftServer.loadPlugins( [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-9de398a-9c887d4]

    at net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.DedicatedServer.init( [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-9de398a-9c887d4]

    at [craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-9de398a-9c887d4]

    at [?:1.8.0_171]

    Hi I've installed dynmap using the "addons" page on the webserver. I see the jar in the plugins folder but it looks like it hasn't fully installed because there is no configuration files. Are there extra steps I need to go through?

    Also whatever happened to the native "Overview Map" that nitrado had?

    I'm running a vanilla server for my friends, there's been at most 3 of us on at a time - even my old laptop can cope with that. What's the deal? There's no complex redstone (2 note blocks and a repeater) and player built structures are in no way complex or large.

    Also I've never heard of Spigot or Sponge, what are they and what advantage would they have over a vanilla installation?