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    i need to do the following to make Ravenhearst mod work - can anyone let me know how to do this please?

    1. Make '' executable. Execute below command in your game root directory.
      chmod u+x
    2. Start the game. You have 2 options:
      a) in the console while in your game root directly type ./
      b) while in GUI file manager right click the and pick "Run as a Program"

    Hi everyone,

    I tried installing the Ravenhearst mod, but the server had errors when connecting, so I want to do a full wipe and restart and try again.

    Only, I can't get the "REINSTALL" button to work - it pops up with "Do you really want to reinstall the game "7 Days To Die"? etc" - I click the big red REINSTALL button and then it says "The specified game can not be found."

    Submitted a support ticket, but currently can't play on anything - is there anything I'm missing or doing wrong?

    thanks in advance!