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    As an update... a full reinstall did not fix the issue. It now lets us load in for anywhere between 60 seconds and 10 minutes, then kicks and restarts without warning. It is currently completely unplayable, after 6 days, several reinstalls, a complete change of hardware, and uncounted restarts, both voluntary and otherwise.

    Picked up this server almost a week ago. Today is the first day we've been able to play on it at all, after days of initializing, restarts, reinstalls, and finally being moved to a new server altogether. Managed to install and play for about an hour, then the restarts began. It goes into loops and nothing we do seems to stop it.

    We're running the A18 stable release, Navesgane, all pretty standard settings, and it was running relatively smoothly for that one hour that it worked. Since then, we can't get it to load for more than a few seconds, then kicked and it goes back into its restart loops. Any suggestions? We could try reinstalling it (again) but historically that doesn't seem to do more than postpone the inevitable.

    Just chipping in here with my current frustration -- server purchased and installed pretty quickly, title is short and sweet and has no odd symbols, but there's no sign of it in the listing. I got the installation email, so I'm a bit confused. Is it normal for it not to show up for a while even after the installation finishes?