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    When I try to make a payment, I get such an error as ''Payment has been canceled''. what should I do?

    note : I still get the same error even though I tried with 3 different cards

    Hello there. I rented Ark survival evolved Server. And I am using Primal Fear mod on this server. Today my game crashed and closed, now I can't enter the server at all. I spoke to the Primal Fear mod team and they said the mod is working fine. '' Your server has a missing file, you need to open a support ticket with Nitrado. ''That's what they told me. how can we solve this?

    Hello there. I rented a new server today. After making server settings, I opened the server. The server seems to be up but it says "restarting" every 30 seconds, but this is momentary. I cannot access the server at all. I can't login to the server through Steam and the game. Can I get information on this subject?