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    Sorry for the late response Rondeau04 and thanks! Eventually the problem seemed to solve itself or on behalf of support but it does happen frequently with issues but i'm sticking it out! ChillUpX I have had my server moved previously last month to a new host system but it did not seem to solve too much. I just have had different problems since then. I would say it's because of my settings but i'm fairly sure they aren't overkill on a CPU. I usually don't play on the PS4 version of Ark but I have played plenty of Ark on PC and have ran servers via my own built PC before so it's not really my first time running a server but more or less it's one of my few times running a server via a host other than my own PC. It's just overwhelming not being in full control of what happens with the server sometimes.

    I don't know but off and on for the last 2-3 weeks I have to submit a support ticket because randomly everyone on the server get's booted off and then followed by me attempting to go into the webinterface only to be slapped with a "Hostsystem not ready or offline, please try again later.". It really makes it difficult to understand anything that is happening. Has anyone else been having issues like this? NY server here.

    You're not the only one! No one on my server can connect right now either. It just keeps replying with a Timeout everytime and I've even restarted my server several times. It claims the server is running but if it were someone would be able to join instead of getting a timeout. Not sure what is going on. I run an extinction server and before that it was Valguero but I thought maybe the issues of the timeouts every other day were thanks to that. They changed out hardware and it appears we're back to square one.