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    All I know that it will be very limited. They did have it posted on their twitter but could not find it again.

    Basically the only config/setup available will be whatever is in the web interface.

    Hey um somehow most of my DayZ Server Logs got removed or deleted so where do put in my issue?

    18:04:43 | Player "Unknown/Dead Entity" (id=Unknown pos=<8397.8, 2458.6, 6.5>) died. Stats> Water: 0 Energy: 160.255 Bleed sources: 0

    i don't think the id part is normal

    if your want more information from with these "Kill Logs" just make sure to uncheck "reduce log output" but this may put your server performance at a disadvantage when it comes to large scale battles or random players killing off their own characters in big waves so ready yourself for DayZ

    p.s. with these logs you should be able to use it to find out where these events are happening or transpired by simply typing up the locations by using the numbers next to pos along with using this site

    iZurvive DayZ & ARMA Map: Chernarus+ Terrain Map 1.04

    so now you got When, Where, and Who but not the Why which means you gotta find out the old fashion way

    i know that knocking down the starter gear was to balance the survival in DayZ but still the three random items are 1. Rags 2. Road Flare 3. Random fruit so why not change number 3 into a plastic bottle since you start out more thirsty then hungry in the game also side note wouldn't it be neat if there was way to capture animals in DayZ to boost farming role in fact would it be cool to run around with a tamed wolf by your side even if that would be a short timed thing it be helpful for giving certain players an edge if used correctly still all this is me throwing wishes into the sky to see what might fall down

    fear my all powerful tamed rooster it shall drive all players mad from hearing range *insert evil laugh here*