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    This has probably been covered but I cant seem to find it when I search.
    I am looking for the config file through FTP and dont know what directory it is in.
    When I go to config files in the web interface it only gives me adminlist, banlist, and permittedlist.

    It seems my settings are not saving when I rename my server so I want to check it manually. I dont have any mods (yet) and just started the server today.

    Thank you.

    I edited my files locally and uploaded them through ftp. Now when I click on config files in the dashboard it shows all my settings correctly but in the game I still lose all my stuff if I die and creating things is not instant like I set it. Both of these I can probably deal with (I'm new and set everything super easy to get used to the game) but I'm not sure about other settings, those are ones I tested to see if it was working.

    So does that mean there are some settings we cant control or is there an issue?

    Actually I just figured it out. For those that may want to do the same...

    I connected through the FTP with Filezilla and uploaded my entire (most recent) save folder.
    You also need to edit the dedicated.yaml file to have the same game name as your save.

    Boom! That easy.

    Note: all I did was log in and I was in my base and I saw my ships. Not sure if there are any issues but I will come back and update if there are any.

    So a buddy and I have started a coop-LAN game but he can only play it when we are together so I decided to buy a server here.

    What files do I need to upload to the server to use our existing game and is there anything else I need to do like delete any from the server first?


    Yeah I'm aware of the long names issue. It not the loop this time, it wont start at all.

    This crap makes it very hard to start a community and if they tell me to reinstall again I'm just going to cancel it. Cant keep making my players start over.

    Unlike many who are in a constant reboot loop I have a different issue. Almost every day the server just shuts down and stays down until I restart it. Seems to be overnight sometime as I check it in the morning and it will be down. Did it twice today in less than 30 min.
    This makes it very difficult to start a solid community as players won't like that the server isn't always available. Is there something I can do to make it more stable.

    Is there a way to add other admins to my server and also make it so they have reserved slots?

    I'm doubting it at this point as I am seeing we are limited on what we can do at this point but I figured I would ask.