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    Ive got manas semi balenced plus I enjoy them, I see about 8-10 throughout my entire snow, they just engage everything so they definitely get annoying at times.

    And I found with admin cmnds how to spawn a drake nest but they dont stay lol unrender when you leave.

    I just have one word of advice if you plan Karkinos on your rag map. I have set weights at 0.000000001 for swamp and have had 1000's spawning. So i tried monkey island, again couldn't even land without a lag storm and ending up in claws. The only spot theyve spawned reasonably at has been center canyon, which I know the wiki has the zone id's. My theory is that Spinos' are one of the few natural enemies and probably keep them in check.

    It has been happening since the latest update on my server as well, ive had to go on and use admin to fix their tribes. Its not a nitrado issue though as its a bug in the latest patch update from Ark.

    Si un mot de passe est défini, vous ne devriez avoir besoin que de le saisir, pas besoin de "activer les codes de triche" Hopefully translates to the fact you only need to type the password set, no need for enable cheats to be typed.

    beacon defaultly creates its own MOTD, when i reviewed my code afterwards in expert mode there were two separate motd line, spreaded apart substantially. You'll have to clear the junk lines beacon added. If there is none listed, then you'll have to add the line in expert.


    Message=Welcome;Aberration resources located in White Supply Drops. Gasbag-Dunes, Managamyr-right snowpeak, Snow Owl-Snow, Gacha-Jungle, Velonosuar-Green desert, Karkinos-Center Canyon, Enforcer/Ravenger-Cave, RollRat-Redwood, Basilisk/RockDrake-Volcano.

    Thats a snip it from my code

    I hate to be that guy but thats what i meant. The webui is not the .ini file. Its the command line argument. If you go to server configuration on the ark wiki you will find it under that section, not the game.ini or usersetting.ini . The webui is our indirect access to the command line. Which is why even under expert mode certain settings remain in the general webui. Not trying to argue just trying to provide a reasonable explanation as to why editing the ini did not impact the game.

    Ok, I see where things are different, I apologize, I don't use the normal user interface, more customization through expert mode but alot more work. Once in expert mode , it shows a very limited generally settings screen because everything is adjusted in expert. So where I had a problem similar because I failed to include the line, your senario is different. Are you going up or down with passive interval? Because less than 1 is faster

    From my understanding from what I read somewhere, override difficulty is a command line prompt, not really controled in any .ini . With nitrado servers we dont gain access directly to the command line prompt but indirectly through which I assume are the general settings. I too ran into this issue about a month ago when initially setting up mine and waiting the recommended "5 min". Then finally realizing they were in general all along.