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    So its hard to troubleshoot this problem til tomorrow when I have people logging onto the server, but I was curious if any one has run into this problem, and might have a solution or idea of what might be causing this. So upon starting the server for the first time, everyone was able to run up to each other , hold "e" and invite each other to tribes. Now a few weeks into playing on the new map, no one can hold "E" on each other for the radial menu to even show, no prompts for the button either when walking up to the survivor. Only way I have gotten people into tribes is by admin commands now. Once in a tribe, interactions between people seem to be normal with holding "E". The only two mods I have added since the map was started have been "FunctionalityPlus QoL Mod Set" for an auto run feature, and "Bunn3h's Natural Scenery" for some cosmetic scenery. Neither have any known bug issues like this, and google has not come up with any results. I will be removing the mods in hopes to resolving this, but incase it isnt related to them, any other insight would be appreciated.

    so my further testing, restart and shutdown did not produce any message, even worse, my server set on a 300 sec timer, when I hit restart or shutdown, it instantly stopped the server. Its been over 2 months since i even touched my settings. I dont think this is account specific because if i could pull up logs from days farther back then yesterday, Id have proof of the function working. I always lean more on the fact that its probably something wildcard did.

    Is the game telling you hit max structure count or are you building near a high resource area which there would be settings preventing you from building next to large amounts of metal for example. If your settings are saving properly then other solutions need to be consinder.

    Cant have redundant code or it cancels outs. Also Beacon throws in a lot of lines that arent needed. I have had my server for several months, and have never had any issue. I have stack, aberration/extinction dinos, custom air drops, ect. A lot of the time its user error and not the softtware.


    A change like this has saved us 2-4 gigabytes of data on our servers (and will save on your server if you choose to run the applicable command line "-structurememopts"), and more memory means a smoother performance! We look forward to bringing you more updates and insight into our optimization efforts, as well as bring these memory optimizations to console in the near future.

    you almost read far enough. Very last few words will answer that.

    To clarify now, showmyadminmanager does show a button that says "whitelist" however ark has never actually made use of that feature for consoles. The user interface behind "showmyadminmanager" is broken with not being able to scroll through info . Only things it's used for on console is player id and changing the message of the day while the server is up instead of shutting it down.