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    I have spent the last 3 hours with this problem and cannot for the life of me figure it out. SO last night I rented a dedicated server for FS22 took a bit to figure it out but I got it up and running no problem. Now all my buddies want mods (God for bid it's just one or 2 or even lets download everything we possibly can, sorry venting there) no third party mods mind you we are ps4/pc. Anyway I get the Mods downloaded from the FS22 website and got them moved to the appropriate folder on my computer........NOW the fun, I tried to upload about 10 mods at once website Timed out, Tried 5 mods same thing, Hell I even did just ONE and it still Timed out. I took a break now it wants me to login with my credentials on the Farming Sim Dedicated server page, with what login info? I tried my Nitrado login and nothing, I don't know what else it wants.

    SO TLDR I can't upload mods to my server I cant log into the Farming Sim Dedicated server site and I need a beer. Please help