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    This is ridiculous, multiple gamers having the same issue that their servers are not showing. As this is a service we pay for it’s simply not good enough. Mines been missing for over 24 hours, others have been missing days.

    My friend who had over a year of fame olay on his server lost it all when his finally came back up it was rolled back to day 9!!

    Nitrado it’s time to fix this and give us a decent timeframe of when we can expect to access our servers again.

    But my server has been not showing for 20 hours. It went down about 5pm Australian eastern daylight savings standard time yesterday. It’s now almost 2pm the following day. I get with different time zones the updates would happen as different times but honestly I’m starting to regret my choice of renting one as we can’t play it!

    I can’t find my crossplay server, did a server check, said it was fine, restarted it and still down its coming up to 18hours now, the people who play in the server are getting frustrated