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    Hey all, just wanted to announce a new Day 1, Alpha 14.6 server open for players! Game mode is pure MP/PVP/E but that doesn't mean everyone is an enemy and you can't make friends and cooperate! It means that, sorta like IRL, actions have consequences. Cooperate, Trade, Organize, Fight, Hunt and Survive! Run by adults, this isn't a child server. The "Barney the Dinosaur" Landclaim blocks have been turned off. This is NOT some Barney playroom where a special child block buffs all your materials into fluffy purple fantasy playthings all because you want to play "Minecraft is my Art Canvas" and stand back and pat yourself on the ass while adoring your hours of block manipulation! Earth is Earth, Bricks are Bricks, reinforced Concrete and Steel IS Steel! By all means, BUILD whatever you want just decide for yourself where, how and how visibly to do it. This is a server for using your HEAD, for exploration and tactics.

    Anyway, just wanted to give a Welcoming shout out. If you're not a child and you like using your brain rather than being shouted rules from some pre-pubescent, 21st Century twenty-something femi-Nazi boy's narcissistic Apollo fan play, then please, come on by for some Survival Fun! If you demonstrate a command of the English language and Can speak/type in complete conceptual sentences you'll be repaid in kind.