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    If you come and here and say that SE is not meant to be a standalone map then, there's the door. So sick of seeing that comment made when a paid dlc has less and is worth less than a free mod map.

    Currently the ONLY thing Scorched Earth offers that is exclusive to the map is the pheonix. Everything else has been ripped from Scorched Earth that made it unique and worth playing.

    Golems? Ripped, Valguero even has more variety of them.

    Wyverns? Ripped, Ragnarok even has 1 extra type. Also both Ragnarok and Valguero has higher weighted lvls and more egg nests than SE....not to mention working alcoves. SE has over 50 nesting alcoves but only 8 to 10 only ever spawn nests.

    Oil Veins? Ripped, Ragnarok and Valguero have more.

    Camels? Ripped, Ragnarok has them.

    Jerboas? Ripped.

    Water and oil bugs? Ripped

    Deathworms? Ripped.

    Thorny Dragon, Moth and Mantis, Vultures? Ripped.

    Manticore? Ripped.

    Ascension? Nope.

    Unique Tek? Nope.

    Harsher environment + negative weather effects + faster decay timers + generator decay + loss of water in containers overtime? Check!

    Aside from a quieter map to play on and one of the most difficult dino(pheonix & worthless) to find and tame, there's nothing unique or positive for people to buy much less play this map.

    Dino improvements.

    Jerboas gain the ability to produce a pheromone that reduces the agro range of dino's when on your shoulder.

    Camels water hold increased x5 of its current holding capacity and gain the ability(option) to fill crop plots via some sort of blow hole. This option/ability also cures heat stroke if within range of camel.

    Moth gains ability to camoflauge itself and is undetectable by parasaurs. It also passively produces silk.

    Water and Oil bugs become tameable.

    Deathworms can be tamed but are only tamed for 60 days at a time before returning to the dunes to feed(dissappears due to no food). They can only attack when in turret mode and can bury themselves. Cannot be cryopodded.

    QoL & Feature improvements.

    Phoenix gains a fire barrier(shield/aura) ability that when enabled consumes more food but gives 50% dmg reduction. Reduce health by 25%. Reduce weight by 25% but gains resource weight reduction of 40%. Heatwaves heal 1% health every second. Wood in inventory is made into charcoal overtime. Ash pile glows red and stays visible for 5 minutes after heatwave ends. Unable to pick/knock riders off Phoenix. Snow owl freeze does dmg and manag frost breath does extra dmg.

    Dire Wolves have pack buff re-enabled

    Giga spawns are added to the map.

    Add black pearls spawns to northern artifact cave waters.

    Add rare flowers specific resource nodes to map like the center, rag and Valguero have.

    Add alpha rex, carno and raptor variants to the map.

    Sandstorms give entire map 100% wind. Poison Wyverns are immune to sandstorm effects(loss of stamina and speed).

    Lighting Wyverns become empowered in electrical storms. Causing lighting breath to do 25% more dmg and the ability to dmg stone structure's while gaining a 15% dmg reduction.

    Fire Wyverns become empowered during heatwaves. Causing fire breath to do 30% more dmg and can dmg metal structure's while gaining a 25% dmg reduction.

    Add Tek Canteen Engram to manticore drop. Holds 600 water and does not lose water over time.

    Add Tek Spyglass Engram to manticore drop. Can see wild dino stats and is zoomable.

    Add Tek Battery Engram to manticore drop. When deployed can absorb pwr from Tek generators and electrical storms. Deploy near object that require Tek or regular power to operate. Has built in outlet.

    Add Tek AC unit Engram to manticore drop. More powerful AC unit and provides insulation in a 360° bubble.

    Generator decay disabled if built within Adobe or Tek structure.

    Plant Species Y now auto deploys traps randomly in an AOE when it reach's 5 in the crop plot.

    Cave crates are rebalanced, they currently only drop boomerangs, desert cloth and oil pumps and a few other worthless items.

    Heat stroke slows movement speed as it builds up.

    Add sabertooth salmon to obelisk oasis water spawns.

    Add ascension hall/area to manticore city/arena. Requires manticore trophy to access.

    Add additional deathworm spawns to desert.

    Add a few caves to mountains.

    Fix wyvern scar. Over 50 nest alcoves but only 8 to 10 have only ever produced actual nests and eggs since the map was released.

    That's all for now.