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    I need assistance.

    I was able to switch maps before, never had any issues, was doing it for months, until server problems a few weeks ago. I left my server to sort itself out, as my mate got one to play, so it wasn't a priority, thought it would sort itself out.

    The problem is this.

    Now, if I choose Crystal Isles, my character is there, all, my stuff is fine, but after server issues a few weeks ago, when I switch back to The Island now, which has my main character, I am greeted with create a new player.

    My main character is still on map, with all my stuff, but we have uncoupled, so to speak... :)

    Anyway, very frustrating, my main character has a lot of work on it, I used it on Lost Island, Ragnarok and back to The Island...

    ....but now I cannot access it, is there anyway I can salvage anything from this?

    All advice is welcome, I'm very frustrated and deflated about this. I know, it's just Ark, but on PS4, I have no access to config or such files, I'm just looking for any help I can get to be honest, hoping to salvage anything...

    Respectful and hopeful ....

    2 servers have appeared, hope this is them coming back up now...

    Make that 8, with 5 playing, just updating if anyone reads this.

    I'm in UK, my server is still not up yet.

    A serious question, are UK servers last to update?

    As I see thousands from all over the world, but not UK....

    Why was this changed to Xbox? It was clearly a PS4 post?

    Still here, refreshing my supposed server, for 4+ hours.

    Still nothing, great fun, my batch of Rex's are probably toast now.

    Are any PS4 or Xbox servers up? Or is it just PC?