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    I have resolved that issue; it was hawks and most of those glitches were resolved for me. They mostly reappear in the same locations around the redwoods.

    However - does anyone know where dinos reappear if they glitch off of Asgard? I had several dinos poof on follow or when they move to attack in the NW corner of the map. I'd like to retreive them.

    This is the fifth time this is happened to me. I have had my inventory poof out of existence on this map. I had random tames I died near have poofed, only to be found clear on the other side of the map or not at all.

    This time, I was killed by an Alpha, my bag is completely gone. No beam, nothing. (It was in a narrow trench). I flew around looking, its nowhere, the bag is nowhere. This is beyond frustrating as I was carrying several cryopods and darts on me, and I can't roll back the server as it wouldn't be fair to anyone else playing. My server has about 2 and a half hours before bodies despawn.

    What are some possible solutions?

    A player just reported to me that someone joined my PVP Ark as a Level 250 when downloads are turned off. This player allegedly made a character and leveled it to 60-ish, then downloaded a new character.

    Also, is there a way to see an extended Log File? Or a better way to view activity to verify this sort of thing?

    I am trying to add new dinos to a few areas on the Gen2 map. Once I learn how to do it, I'll know and I can switch them out every so often. I am trying to get the big lake (the easy area) on the Eden side to spawn tons of glowing creatures (abberant varients, the lightup pets, and ghost bulbdogs if I can). Like tons. I'm also trying to add X-Megaladons and a few abberant dinos to the lakes at a close-to-normal spawn rate but with a large number of abberant trilobites.

    The code I have only got me a large amount of shinehorns and lanturn birds, but nothing else. I tried eliminating some of the normal spawns to make room to encourage a higher frequency, but I still only get shinehorns and lanturn birds. There have been no changes to any of the lakes for the fish. I've wiped wild dinos a few times and I've tried playing with Entry Weight a bit and still have the same result.

    Can anyone help me out? I'm new and trying to learn :-)