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    Sorry to necro an old thread, but I'm having issues getting this to work properly.

    Running Ark server for Xbox. Extinction map.

    I have Expert Mode checked, and I have this code in my Game.ini file:

    NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Compy_Character_BP_C", ToClassName="Sinomacrops_Character_BP_C")

    This [seems to] successfully remove Compys from spawning, but I've yet to see any Sinomacrops in their place. Compys spawn in the Sunken Forest and the City, and I've checked in both places. Did a dino wipe via server settings *and* an in-game DestroyWildDinos, no dice.

    What am I missing?

    This is the entirety of my Game.ini file:

    I have an Ark server for Xbox. Every single time there's a server update, it seems to lose our save and I have to roll the server back, usually losing several hours. They seem to happen automatically around 930p Central Time. I get a notification on my phone that my server is about to be updated, but we get no indication in-game whatsoever, until stuff starts glitching.

    1. Is there a way to force reschedule the server updates, or delay them to happen at a time when we're not actually playing? Force them to wait until everyone logs off?

    2. Is there a way to do this so that it doesn't lose progress every freaking time? We have a great night playing, and then if we play late, we notice that we can't open storage and stuff, or if we're not playing, we wake up and log on and have nothing - no beds to spawn at, etc. I have to do a Map Save Rollback to get everything back, which usually costs us several hours of play time.

    It's really getting ridiculous, especially when there are frequent server updates.