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    You have change the server name and restart it else you'll never find it.

    Lol I dont have mine yet is the point, there are over 200 servers that i see that are not named or locked, as though no one is doing anything with them, like either they dont know they are there or these people dont know? I just find it odd that there are that many 10 to 20 slot servers just sitting there not being used

    and for some reason when I scan through all the private servers and make it to the section where there are 12 pages, with each page containing 22 unnamed 10 to 20 slot servers that are all unlocked like no one has managed their server and we got people checking these forums and their nitrado accounts every two or three hours in Hope's of something that's not there, dont believe me go look, and just within the last few days I have watched the server number grow from between 1800 to over 2200..... and some people only have to wait 2.5 days to not use their server

    Lol ok I got an idea, I'm gonna start my own server business guys, you can message me for more information on how to preorder your very own private servers, orders are limited to preorders because either servers for the selected game are not available yet, or because there is currently no hardware available at the selected location.

    Please be advised that preorders are processed in the order they're received in, and that delivery can be delayed because of a variety of factors, including but not limited too, me being worthless me being a fraud, me not really caring about customer satisfaction! After the preorder has been placed you as the customer will no longer be able to get in contact with me because once again I'm worthless.

    Because of me being a fraud, I will "tell" you preorders are limited to a number that can be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.

    The money is about to start flowing in.... :):)