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    As poor as the performance has been on our server since coming online, we are probably going to seek a refund. We can't even use it now because of this "unknown error," which Nitrado is not addressing.

    We are having the same issue with our server. I assume the clock still winds down even though we can't even use the server. Can't join any private servers at the moment. I guess this must be a regular occurance?

    Sounds like an excuse to me. Taking money from and not providing the service your customer paid for is fraud. Nitrado has our money but we don't have what we paid for. People who ordered well in advance still don't have their servers. The right thing to do, as others have said, would have been to not accept any more orders until the company was able to provide the servers in a timely manner. There's barely a word, aside from small updates that provide no real time line. Probably because they know they've screwed up. Their attitude is basically "you get it when you get it." Not good business practices.