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    (1) No idea what game you are referring.

    (2) Cannot really advise how much is too much. You would need to contact Support for that specific answer.

    Apoligies, Dayz. I'm using the objectSpawnersArr in the json custom file. I want to keep adding stuff through Dayz editor but not sure how far i can go without harming the server in some way.

    Upgrading slots allows more players to connect.

    The server has software to detect its resources and applies them as needed. Sometimes if the slots are increased it might move to a different server with more resources. But buy renting more slots does not guarantee that.

    Also mods are not available for consoles. The platforms control that. You can heavily edit your ini file for configurations.

    Any idea how much mods in KiB is too much? I have 3 mods at the moment which add up to 1200KiB. Also how do i know when it's too much? Does it stop loot spawning in or drop the fps?

    I have a 16 slot server on Xbox and new to modding. If i jump to a 32 slots will i have more memory for modding?

    What is the benefits to upping the slots other than more players can join. Do i get more memory to do mods? Does the server run less laggy?

    I don't really need to up the slots as far as players go but looking to do more modding and don't want to slow the server down with the mods.

    Can't anyone give me some help on the matter please?


    Jackangus yeah i have been able to mod vehicles and their loot inside mostly the v3 but i added 65 to the map compared to the stock 5 i think but not positive.

    My server id doing much better now. Spawning is much better than it was before (almost non-existent). The despawning is still a little slow for my liking but loot is despawning after a while.

    I think the changes i made might have fixed it.

    How about you?

    Hi guys, I have been watching videos to set up my server and one video i was watching showed how to add more cars and this guy added 65 Ada cars instead of the 8, which i think is the vanilla setting. He didn't say this would mess with anything or say how to counter act this if it does mess with the game.

    Can anyone tell me if this would stop loot spawning and despawning and how to counter act this problem because i have been on servers with plenty of cars every where and the loot on those servers spawn and despwn no problem.

    Someone please help, this is driving me mad;(

    Jackangus who would that even be?

    I think there are people who do the files for a fee but not sure the price. I am going to look into it more because this is getting really annoying now.

    I've had my server for almost 2 weeks and can't let it go live because no loot will despawn or spawn. I have reinstalled it about 10 times and spent well over 60 hours trying to sort this problem.

    How about you?

    I'm in the same boat mate. Nothing is spawning and loot is hanging around forever. I have used the validator app and all my files are fine.

    I would pay someone a fee to sort this out, it's driving me crazy.

    I am having trouble getting guns spawning in. Everything else is spawning fine but no M4 or AKs are coming through.

    I put the M4 at 60 guns and have never found 1 yet at the miliatary bases. Have i went over a maximum so spawns 0?

    Anyone know what the problem could be?

    Hi everyone, newbie here.

    I have started my server and not sure how much loot would be considered high. As my server is going to be a high loot server it would be a good idea to get this fairly right.

    I'm sure its all subjective but a ball park would be great.

    For example for some basics i have made cans of beans and peaches and tins of tuna 100 with a minimum of 99. Tuna and beans get double because i did opened cans for 100 too. So about 500 hundred tins between the beans, tuna and peaches.

    Each can of drink 99 each, I think there is 5 types so almost 500 hundred.

    It's a big map so not sure if thats a lot or not.

    What do you guys think?