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    So yesterday at around 3pm my server stopped populating on xbox. I see it on my nitrado phone app using CPU I tried restarting it and it takes like 30 minutes to restart and it still doesn’t show up.

    My servers don’t show up on the nitrado app on Xbox or the server list in game. Nitrado already swapped my hardware didn’t help And on top of that I called them the they guy who answered was the rudest POS ever I pay for your services and should never and to deal with being disrespected. I just want a ETA on server recovery or something and reason why the servers are pooping on everyone.X(

    Same problem here I called and the guy named Zack said there’s a problem and we have a guy working on it. I asked what’s the problem he had no idea. He was very rude, I have 2 servers and nether are showing up. He swapped our hardware it didn’t help.

    I see my servers on my phone app

    Not on my xbox app or on ark.

    Looks like the interface there had a melt down.