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    You will probably have to reinstall the server, where you have info, settings, and tool bar on the left there is a reinstall tab below them after it is reinstalled is resets the server and it should be playable, The only thing is that the server will be wiped clean and reset to default settings and will need to be change back any settings that changed

    Hello everyone I've had this issue that the server just didn't want to stop the restart message and couldn't find any answer. But now i found it. If your server is new i suggest that you reinstall the server, it will reset your server so keep all the info you have from the previous server and just change it after the the reinstall and it should work fine. I hope this helps! :thumbup:

    Same thing happened to me and still is but i forced the server to stop then start to see what would happen, and it stopped but i couldn't verify it worked but it didn't show the message that it was restarting but I restarted the server and now its in a loop again...