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    here I am again:(, i managed to play for about 2/3 hours before the server crashed again,

    each time i tried to restart it it will get stuck and i get this message

    Warning : The game server is neither started or stopped for some time. If this state is not intended, you can force start or stop the game server.

    i have tried force stopping it and once i restarts the problem arises again

    even force starting isent working

    i have this server for 2 days now and i would like a refund,

    i have the server for 2 days now and it suddenly kicked me and my friend,

    after that we tried connecting again but it wouldn't let us, so we tried restarting but that

    didn't help eighter please help;(,

    (also tried force stop and Restart)

    Problem resolved took 20 minutes to restart