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    Thank god I found this I just spent 3 hrs trying to get mods to work.

    oscar1218 You need to go to your server dashboard > click config files (under settings) > Find the line that says Mods= then type in the mod ID you get this from going into the workshop on steam clicking the mod you want scroll to the bottom of the page and it will say mod ID copy and paste that in so it'll look like Mods=whatever the paste is of the mod you want. After that you need to find the line WorkshopItems= insert the Workshop ID number from the mods page.

    so it'll look like this Mods=MapLegendUI;RebalancedPropMoving; you can keep adding mod IDs just seperate them by a ; no spaces
    your Workshop ID like will look like this WorkshopItems=2710167561;2699828474; you can keep adding workshop ID the same way ; no spaces

    I would go back and forth to be safe so Whatever mod you want put Mod ID name and then the workshopID number

    After this find DoLuaChecksum= and make sure it says DoLuaChecksum=False you do not want it say true make sure you hit save changes and then restart your server all mods should work after this assuming they are a working mod.