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    "1/0 means enable/disable and the larger number is time in seconds."

    1/0 doesn't mean enable/disable. Otherwise, <var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadPlayer" type="0" value="10800"/> means deadbodies won't be cleaned. But they are

    It does, how ever bodies will revert to a default timer no? or instantly clean up? the 1/0 here dictates if the time value should be applied or ignored.

    basicaly telling the system if it can do its own thing or if it has to follow our wishes. (pretty new to this myself so not 100%)

    It let me make a purchase however it shows nothing on my owned server list on either the Xbox app or my nitrado account.

    payments been taken from Microsoft as I have the email receipt and the pending on my bank.

    Will admit I’m more than a little confused as to what’s happened doesn’t help that support is useless at microsoft