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    it was fun at first.... but when it's horde night and all of sudden, you hear this..

    I'm ready to serve!!!

    ARGGGGGGGGGGG, I know if I just keep going, 2 will disappear, just don't know which one!!!

    So either dump the stuff on the ground for each one or make a chest for your current inventory, and a new for the droids.

    Transfer the stuff to the storage, get your stuff back and go on your merry way... and sometimes 5 mins later..



    That's great news, it was really getting to be a pain in the rear, I was just creating extra storage chests where it happened, and put the stuff there, I must have least 50 or 60 chests out in the world full of stuff, I guess my friends can grab what they want in times of need.

    Every time I come back to certain places, my drone duplicates itself.. What the heck!!!

    Happens randomly and with all inventory it had it seems it had at the time, money, weapons, etc.

    Check out the image

    if I leave the area, one or more of the drones will disappear, but sometimes the one I had originally is gone.

    so I have to build a couple of storage chests, put all the stuff from the drones I don't want in the chest and then put that drone in my


    The odd thing I find with Nitrado is that the main solution for them seems to be "move you to another server" , aren't all the servers configured the same?

    I was switched to 3 servers before it was able to stay connect for more than an hour in experimental mode, maybe the hardware is old and can't handle the video requirements.

    At this stage, all you can do is hope for the best, or like you did.. switch to another provider and pray the problems doesn't start all over again.


    Did you get your server up and running?

    I had the same issues, I ended up copying my whole saved game folder all subs folder under navezgane .

    updated the updated the 2 xml files manually to make sure it had the correct server name and settings I wanted active, admin, xpmultiplier, etc.

    (serveradmin.xml, serverconfig.xml)

    once I uploaded my save , it loaded up I played a while but had lots of issues with the experimental, switched over to the regular server install with the same game, no issues so far.

    Same thing is happening to me, support has managed to keep it running at least 1 hour at a time, when it works. .maybe 2.

    The last comment from them was that i had to understand that 7d2d was an experimental version and it's expected.

    I understand that other vendors are also having this issue, so even if i'm a bit upset/disappointed, i have to honestly say they did try to make it as stable as possible with what they had to work with.

    Hopefully the developers will come out with fix to this major issue soon.