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    I have the same issue. It runs the shutdown command everytime it saves.

    2022-01-14T18:57:23 7177.901 INF Telnet connection from:

    2022-01-14T18:57:23 7177.901 INF Started thread TelnetClient_31.214.224.203:35821

    2022-01-14T18:57:24 7178.718 INF Executing command 'saveworld' by Telnet from

    2022-01-14T18:57:24 7178.945 INF Saving 232 of chunks took 124ms

    2022-01-14T18:57:24 7178.969 INF [DECO] written 85187, in 23ms

    2022-01-14T18:57:24 7178.996 INF [DECO] write thread 26ms

    2022-01-14T18:57:26 7180.199 INF Executing command 'shutdown' by Telnet from

    2022-01-14T18:57:26 7180.207 INF Preparing quit

    2022-01-14T18:57:26 7180.207 INF Disconnect

    2022-01-14T18:57:26 7180.208 INF [NET] ServerShutdown