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    Done more tinkering, finially got the admin account in-game working and it seems like the loot rarity is just 1-5 NOT 1-10

    1= Very Rare

    2= Rare

    3= Average

    4= Common

    5= Abundant

    So if you set something in the lua file to 6 it actually makes it wrap back around to 1 in the game and you'll get very rare on that item.

    Once you can log in as an admin in the game you can adjust all that stuff in the UI and its a lot easier to do.

    All I can say is it worked for me. Make sure you are fully shutting the server down before you try to update the admin password.

    Even after you hit the stop server button it takes like a minute for it to actually shut down, you see the "shutting server down..." message for a while before it actually goes offline. Then you type in a new admin password in the General Settings section, hit "save changes" at the bottom. Give it a few seconds to actually save and update before you start the server back up.

    when you get to the initial login screen here make sure you're logging in as "admin" with the simple password you chose

    this is the method that worked for me, logged in as good ol' Adam Admin :D

    I got mine to work by setting the admin password to something just lowercase letters, then logged into the game ad username: admin password: password, I literally just set the admin password to "password" and it let me log in as the admin. I know thats not secure but I'm only playing with some close friends and I know no one on the server will abuse it. Definitely not a option if youre hosting a public server, but that was how I got it to work

    This didnt work for me.

    Deleting the servertest.ini did but now i cannot reupload it or change a lot of settings.

    Did you run the server at least once? I think it might need to run once before it will populate any of those config files.

    You DONT want to delete servertest.ini, you only want to delete "servertest_SandboxVars.lua" but only AFTER you've downloaded it, edited it in notepad and are ready to upload your newly edited version.

    Once you open "servertest_SandboxVars.lua" with notepad it should look like this, and you can just edit these values and reupload your edited version to replace the old default one

    You can connect to your RCON and use the command 'setaccesslevel username admin' without the quotes and change the 'username' to the account username you used to join the server. Your RCON should be your server ip and server port and you can set the password for RCON in the servertest.ini file.

    is there a third party program I need in order to connect to rcon? Or is there a web interface?

    Edit: I was able to connect as admin using the method listed in the article, I just had to choose a password using numbers and letters, it wouldnt work using any special characters or symbols (like @ ! # $, etc)
    Would still like more info on how to connect via rcon though! Sounds super helpful to be able to feed commands directly into the server console!

    I'm having the same problem. I shut down the server, set my admin password, restarted the server and tried to log in as "admin" with my newly created password and it just kicks me back with an "incorrect username/password" error. I did everything the article says to do and its not working as described.

    I was having the same issue with difficulty. After some digging around in the files I found the proper place to tweak things.

    First, you'll want to stop the server. Then using the "File Browser" under "Tools" navigate to Zomboid\Profile\Zomboid\Server. Once you're in that directory the files of note are "servertest.ini" (which you can edit directly through the website under "config files") this is your general server options, list the mods you want the server to run, etc. The other file to pay attention to is "servertest_SandboxVars.lua", this has all the in-game variables in it and unfortunately you cannot edit this through the website like you can with servertest.ini You'll have to download it and manually change the settings by opening it with notepad. Here you can change the amount of character creation points you are assigned at the start (the "CharacterFreePoints" line), you can adjust the abundance of different loot that spawns throughout the game world ( I turned up Weapon, RangedWeapon, AmmoLoot, MedicalLoot, and CannedFoodLoot). All these values just have a number assigned, I think its a range of 1-10, 1 being the least amount and 10 being the most. I didn't turn anything higher than 5 though. You can also set how many weeks until water/electricity shut off and how zombies bahave, you can make them faster or slower you can make it so they cant hear or see as far, etc.

    Once you have everything set how you want you save it, delete the old "servertest_SandboxVars.lua" in the servers file browser, then upload your newly edited one and restart your server. This worked for me!