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    Besause none answered here, i decided to try it on my own.

    I booked a Minecraft Gameserver (4 Solots, "Ultimate-Hardwareupgrade" for 3 Days (2,75€)

    I uploaded the backup of our Revelation server and tried to play.

    The Game is as laggy, as on the vServer.

    Funfact: Hosted on my PC (i7-4790K with 7 GB of RAM allocated) the Server runs fine.

    I sadly wasted 5€, but at least I know that i won´t use Nitrado again. Sorry.


    I am running a FTB Revelations 1.12.2 Server on a vserver (6 vcores, 16gb ram). We are two players, running quiete complex tech-systems.
    Unfortunally the server became quiete laggy the last days.

    We all know that this isn`t a ram-problem, but a cpu-problem. Minecraft Servers are only using 1 thread and you need a strong single-thread performance on your cpu.

    My questions:

    How powerful are the Nitrado-gameservers? Wich server do you recommend? Is the ultimate-gameserver even powerful enough for such a big modpack?


    Felix ;)