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    So I recently switched my server from cluster to blackwood map. Now when I pick things up it only let's me pick up to double my characters weight stat. Previously I was able to go well over double my weight before it stopped picking things up. Is this a bug? Did something change? Is there a fix?

    Anyone figure out how to make your days longer and nights shorter? The day and night cycle multiplier is not correct in the server settings. In game day and night speed display as true/false when you look at the admin manager. I would assume if I change night to 0 instead of 1 it would make it false but I'm not looking to get rid of night entirely, just have longer days... anyone know what to do here?

    Well it's now been a week that my server has been down for this restarting loop problem. This has been pretty disappointing for a paid service.

    Same thing for me, constantly restarting. Put in a ticket 4 days ago. They "fixed" it yesterday... I get home from work and it's already happening again. So I reopened ticket and now it's back to waiting. Huge waste of time, not to mention all the times I've had to wipe my server.... Its not just the person who is paying for the server being effected, but anyone who joins it is constantly losing their progress as well...