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    I did not portray you as a liar, I corrected the facts that we would not answer you or respond.

    You stated that what I said was 'untrue' Show me where I said something that was untrue once you've checked everything properly. Your correction is incorrect. I did create a ticket, I didn't get a response. Check your dates and times!

    This was a message I got, just over two hours ago, from the support person in a thread I created. I couldn't reply to him in that post because he closed it. Server down for nearly a day, no response from ticket.

    So, if it's not true then it's a lie!

    "Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for server software that does not start the server correctly due to settings made."

    So, if everyone doesn't play the game on the base settings when you first rent the server you are not held accountable? Everyone has to play on the Navegane map if they want any support or the ability to question your service provided?

    I created a ticket at 2:02 am on the 2nd of January, that's what your web based ticket page informs me, see attached pic 1 for proof(unless of course your time system is as broken as the servers)) You can also see that the first response I got from Nitrado was today at 1:34pm

    Please point me to the answer in 'various forum threads.' Why would you not answer a question I asked in my OP?

    The original forum post I made for the recent server issue was deleted, not moved. No explanation why.

    Your message saying that my server should be up in a few minutes was not correct.

    And, according to that quote, you were refering to the previous time the server crashed and my previous ticket if you check the ticket times.

    My server was restarted by support, today at 1:43pm. That was also the time that I had a first response. You changed the format of the server so now all my progress is lost and if we want to carry on playing we will have to start from day 1. Making the last 19 days of trying to play pointless. I wasn't even aware you are allowed to do this without my permission!? See attached pic 2

    So where is it that I have been untrue?(lied)


    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    I've already moved my Project Zomboid data to a different company. Will be doing the same with 7 Days to Die. I will be in touch with my payment company to see about getting a refund for a service that has not been provided.

    My server went down, again, yesterday. I created a ticket and a forum post. The forum post got removed, not so sure why. Maybe someone misunderstood when I talked about another server I was running with Nitrado called 'Scum' and they removed it? No response from the ticket I created. I usually at least get a response to say they will get back to me. This is not acceptable!

    I am now in to the second day of not being able to access my 7 Days to Die server because of a constant restarting bug. I've raised a ticket and a support member of staff tried to restart the server and had the same problem as myself(checking the event log confirms this). My ticket has been updated stating that it has been esculated and it could take over another 24 hours before it's even looked at. I have twitch subscribers waiting to play and they're not happy with the situation either. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it without having to wait for 'technical support' to fix it. I refuse to start from scratch, again(deleting the server).


    My 7 Days to Die server has not been right since I rented the server from you 14 days ago. Numerous crashes and unable to access the server has plagued my experience. Tonight the server did its automatic restart as programmed. The server web interface shows the server as active but it doesn't show up in the steam browser. We were playing the game before the server restarted, but now can't. This is not the kind of service I pay for! Out of the 3 servers I've rented from you over the xmas period only one of them worked without a problem(SCUM). Suffice to say I will be ending my association with you after the final day.

    Well done. You broke me!;(