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    1. can someone help me understand something in the dayz rtp log files?

      CEStorageElement::Save Battery9V:23812 parent problem, parent:d814fd20, hierParent:70b61bb0, _moveOutState:2 !!! CEStorageElement::Save CombatKnife:31258 parent problem, parent:74b990f0, hierParent:74b97740, _moveOutState:2 !!! CEStorageElement::Save Magnum:39247 parent problem, parent:74b9a210, hierParent:74b97740, _moveOutState:2

      [CE][Links] found 0 total links between groups, of 21

      [CE][SpawnRandomLoot] (StaticHeliCrash) :: ChildType: Wreck_UH1Y, lootmin: 5, lootmax: 10, wanted: 6, containermaxsum: 15

      [CE][Links] found 0 total links between groups, of 22

      [CE][SpawnRandomLoot] (StaticPoliceCar) :: ChildType: Land_Wreck_sed01_aban2_police, lootmin: 3, lootmax: 5, wanted: 4, containermaxsum: 6