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    Ok the waiting might have been it I followed those directions exactly. I will check again once I have a chance but that sounds about right I tried it right after I connected them.

    So I half figured it out I did it right but had to change the map to the same map the legacy server was on in this case Val. Now I can find it when I search the server list but am having trouble linking the maps in the cluster As a cluster so you can transfer to them. I set Lost island as my main map and generated cluster ID than copied it and pasted it in my legacy maps cluster ID I do have the option to transfer between arks at the obs and drops but nothing shows up on the server list what did I do wrong?

    Just wondering how to add a legacy map to my cluster. I went to tools, import official gamesave and selected a map and it hadnt added it to my cluster. I even bought another map to actually make a cluster and have tried it and still nothing.