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    I'm looking for lines of code that can be used to replace canteens with normal loot and mod beaver dams to have beeswax and glass. I'm running a slightly boosted server so I want the drops to go with the official loot table. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    requesting a way to add glass, beeswax and steel ingots in quantities of 50 or less it doesnt have to be a guarunteed spawn of all of the items just a chance to get atleast on of them to beaver dams in prim plus on valguero (ps4). I have been googling for 3 days and cant find anywhere...ive even tried beacon but cant find primitive items in the menus (probably overlooking it due to over searching and frustration lol) any help would be appreciated. also i would like to just add a line of code directly to the nitrado settings instead of using beacon or anything...

    Rented an ark PS4 server a few hours ago. The first hour or so filled with frustrating "joined failed" and multiple server stops and restarts. The second hour or filled with more frustration due to the server not even showing up ....I've been through the forums here and multiple other sites between app closings....I'm not real keen on code editing....I pay for something and expect it to that to much to ask? Any help would be appreciated