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    To append this need:

    Per the official Wiki on Dedicated servers for Satisfactory:

    Dedicated servers - Official Satisfactory Wiki

    Experimental branch selection

    To download the Experimental branch of the Dedicated Server, add -beta experimental to the end of your SteamCMD invocation. See the following example commands for Linux and Windows respectively:

    From looking through the configuration files on the Satisfactory Game here on Nitrado: it does appear that this is using Steam for creation.

    We simply need the flag surfaced for us to choose beta, or not.

    Today 12/16/21 there is a new server build for Early Access for Satisfacatory:
    Early Access - v0.5.1.7 - Build 175911

    The Game server on restart reports:

    LogInit: Build: ++FactoryGame+dev-experimental-CL-174824

    LogInit: Engine Version: 4.26.1-174824+++FactoryGame+dev-experimental

    LogInit: Compatible Engine Version: 4.26.1-174824+++FactoryGame+dev-experimental

    LogInit: Net CL: 174824

    It appears that the game server is fixed on the experimental branch - there does not appear to be a flag, or a secondary install option to flag for experimental and/or early access.

    Early access client conflicts with server version and unable to play.

    Please assess.