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    Mekki, Can you (or anyone for that matter) update us on the progress of today's 1K server roll out? I am only looking to see if you all have finished adding the next wave or not? That way I can stop checking to see if my server went live. Been looking all day but I haven't won the "Golden Ticket" yet:(


    Please explain where I blame anyone for the back up in my post? If you re-read, I did not point a finger or blame anyone. I was only making conversation for others and explaining that there seems to be little anyone can do until it's your turn to get activated. So please go take a zanax and relax or add something to the conversation that's either helpful or hilarious so we can all get a laugh at the current predicament.

    I've also been waiting for 4-5 days for our 32-slot server and still nothing, notta, zilch. They say they are slowly activating servers (updated last night), but I also see some people claim they have been waiting 10-days. If true, that's ridiculous and they deserve their money back plus an apology! However, I don't think anyone knows exactly whats taking place or how long the actual wait will be and updates have been exceedingly slow/vague. For all of us who are still in "pre-order" status, all we can do is wait, hope they get their !$*@ together, and complain on the forums:)

    Good luck to you all,