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    if any one knows how i can update the server to the new MP beta that would be nice. would be nice if they can at least tell us if they are working on it or not. how you can not update a server to a beta version is beyond me.

    have you even read the discussion ? please go back and start reading ....

    Has anyone had any luck putting the update on their server manually, seeing that this problem has stretched for a week without roll out for the update

    You cant do it manually bc teh server checks the version at each server restart for updates and if its a mismatch it will download stable build from steam

    I feel sorry for these poor forum moderators. I wonder if they are unable to tell us anything about this Issue because they have no lines of communication with the people that can actually fix this. Which then makes me wonder if we are all here posting into a vacuum and all of the 'reports' of customers wanting that update is not reaching the people that can make it happen.

    Would be nice to know if I am wasting my time or something tangible is going to come out as a direct result of this thread and the many posts within it.

    As far as i know by now is that this board is run mostly by the community and there are not many people from nitrado that look into this board.

    hello :)

    As I said before for the update of Proyect Zomboid we are still working on it and unfortunately at the moment we don't have a timeframe.

    we will let you know when it will be available

    What do you mean by you are working on it? This is not rocket science, its something that can be done in Minutes. It is not like it would be the only game in your portfolio with an Beta branch. Very unprofessional ....