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    Hey all! Wanted to put my two cents in on here as I was unsure where else to post it.

    I'm currently hosting and running a Project Zomboid 41.63 multiplayer server with Nitrado. I've run into an issue with their server setup interface.
    The interface allows you to set the basic server setting in the "General" tab, and in this tab there is a section for "Additional Mods." If you have multiple mods, you separate them with commas. But that is where the problem lies. It inputs the Mod Id from this section into the testserver.ini and separates them all with commas. The server can not read the mod IDs this way and will not load your mods. They need to be separated with a semicolon instead.
    I'm hoping one of the Nitrado Devs can see this and implement a fix as of right now I have to manually fix this issue every time my server restarts.

    So it has been updated?

    I feel sorry for these poor forum moderators. I wonder if they are unable to tell us anything about this Issue because they have no lines of communication with the people that can actually fix this. Which then makes me wonder if we are all here posting into a vacuum and all of the 'reports' of customers wanting that update is not reaching the people that can make it happen.

    Would be nice to know if I am wasting my time or something tangible is going to come out as a direct result of this thread and the many posts within it.