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    Hello everyone,,,

    So I hosted a private non dedicated server so me and my friend could play together. But the only thing I don’t like is that the host (me) has to be online for my friend to join and also if the host is a certain distance away from the other player, the other player will teleport to the host.

    Is there a way to transfer from a private non dedicated server to a private dedicated server and still keep everything? (levels, tamed Dinos, etc)

    I’m on PS4 if that helps..

    Hello everyone,,

    Just created a Cluster server with the Island and Scorched earth, after setting everything up i tried to move my character from the island to scorched earth but when i spawned i had a new level 1 character not the one i had been using. Is there any reason that this would happen and is there a way i can get my character and the progress i made back?

    I want all the players on my server to be able to bring there characters onto this new map so any help with how to make that work would be helpful!

    Thanks :D